New Leak Pictures for One Piece Opening 22

New Leak Pictures for One Piece Opening 22

This weekend premiere, we discovered new pictures of the new opening "Over The Top" sung by Hiroshi Kitadani, legendary singer of the opening We Are, We Go and We Can.

And the official One Piece website has released some scenes from the opening.

Enjoy :

wano countryzoro wano kuni

The New Character Komurasaki will appear on the new opening ! :

komurasaki animezoro wano swordmugiwara wano kuniluffy vs kaido opening zoro one piece opening 22

Kaido new Zoan Dragon Form appear also on the opening :

kaido anime dragon


Also, it was revealed who will be the voice of Komurasaki (Hyori). The new voice actor is the actress and singer Nana Mizuki.

She is well known for dubbing Hinata Hyuga in the serie Naruto, Pandora in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas and a plethora of cute characters in Japan 

nana mizuki characters voice

Also Eiichirō Oda left a message for his fans about the anime :

oda message anime




The moment we're waiting for finally came.

I love the historical period drama, and I was wanting to draw this island since always !!!

In the Manga, the saga of the country of Wano already has advanced a lot and already reached it's peak.

What do you think of it ? Fun or not ?

Well, it'll be more fun !

Anyway, this arc will be very colorful !

So, please enjoy the anime too !

The work of the animation team at Toei is practically ... FANTASTIC !!!

Tatsuya Nagamine, who directed One Piece Movie Z, took care of the direction ! And we have a new opening for this New Arc !

Keep an eye on this new release !!! On July 7 in Japan at 9:30 in the morning !!! Tomorrow morning !!!



Also the 3rd preview Trailer was released a few days ago, if you missed it check it now :


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