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One Piece Chapter 979


Fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting to read One Piece 979 spoilers and One Piece Chapter 979 scans in English when it gets released.

As things heat up in Onigashima, let’s get a quick recap and see how we got here.

One Piece Chapter 978 Recap

One Piece Chapter 978 was released on the 27th of April and it focused on the happenings in Onigashima, on the Polar Tang. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance arrive at the front of Onigashima, Kin’emon disguises them and they quickly infiltrate the place. At the former fortress, Kaido and Orochi’s Golden Kagura party is ongoing and the Tobi Roppo (Flying six) have gathered for a meeting. The chapter ended without giving further information on Kaido’s son.

one piece chapter 978

Now let's move on to the latest chapter !

One Piece Chapter 979 Spoilers

Oda has done well to build this arc and intensify the great war of Wano, this chapter sits brilliantly in the middle of an invasion, the invasion of Onigashima ! One Piece Chapter 979 was released on May 11 and is titled ‘’Family Problem’’ – a fitting name for all the troubles that lie ahead.

With Kanjuro arriving in Onigashima for the first time, he finds the layout too complicated, and this delays him reporting to Orochi. Meanwhile Orochi is at peace believing that he has been able to prevent the Red Scabbard’s attack on him by acting on previous information from Kanjuro.

Unknown to Orochi, the infiltration of Onigashima has begun with Denjiro leading the southern troops and Kin’emon leading the northern troops.

one piece 979

Kanjuro ties up Momonosuke as he begins to think of ways to deliver his report to Orochi which has become even harder as he is now seen as an enemy to the Beasts Pirates as a few of them had seen him when he attacked.

The attack kicks off successfully as the disguise turn out to be very effective, working perfectly as the Beast Pirates are still oblivious of the attack. Franky brings out his battle vehicles which Jinbei claims to remember from the Fish-man Island, Franky quickly corrects him stating that these are newer models.

They roll out the Kurosai FR-U IV, which Franky rides while Chooper is given command of the Brachio Tank V, he is excited and Carrot praises him for being in charge of the tank. To everyone’s surprise it is discovered that Luffy and Zoro have gone off on their own, with Luffy going in search of Kid.

one piece 979 spoilers

While the crew drives out in their vehicles, Jinbei and Robin engage in a discussion as they walk to their destination – someone is spying on them from afar ! The story moves to Kaido’s castle with all members of the Tobi Roppo (Flying six) present (X Drake, Ulti, Page one, Who’s Who, Black Maria and Sasaki). Kaido offers them a drink which is swiftly rejected by Sasaki and he confesses that he never summoned them for a meeting, it is then revealed that it was King who summoned them.

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King reveals that Sasaki and Who’s Who were former pirate captains, he also reveals their desire to earn a spot as an All star. We get to see an headliner – Bao Huang make an announcement and she says that Big Mom pirate’s ship will soon arrive and Kaido has an important announcement to make later. Kaido tells the Tobi Roppo that their job is to find his son Yamato who disappeared, and while it is a difficult task, whoever finds the boy and brings him back safely gets the chance to fight an All star to earn the spot.

Luffy encounters a Beast pirate and enquires about Kid, but he gets red bean soup poured on him and he gets mad over the food wastage.

One Piece Chapter 980 Spoilers & Predictions

one piece 980 spoilers predictions

It would be great seeing the Tobi Roppo going to war against the calamities and they are highly motivated in their task to find Yamato. It is also believed that Yamato will cross paths with luffy and join the raid on Onigashima.

It is still not known if Luffy and kid will be found out by the enemy, and Luffy enraged by the food wastage could cause some commotion, there is also the possibility of Kanjuro having a change of heart and saving Momonosuke.

One piece fans have a lot to look forward to in Chapter 980.

Because of the current global pandemic, the release of the Chapter 980 will be delayed like One Piece Episode 930.

When will One Piece Chapter 979 be released ?

One Piece 979 will be officially released on 10th May 2020.

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 979 ?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz and mangaplus website.

Will Kaido’s son be introduced in Chapter 979 ?

No, there are very low chances that Kaido’s son will be introduced in the next chapter.

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