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One Piece Chapter 980


One Piece Chapter 979 ended with some very interesting developments, and Chapter 980 was unfortunately delayed for a week above the usual release date because of Covid-19 related complications.

One Piece isn’t the only manga that has been delayed due to Covid-19, other series such as Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) have been affected too. This also extends to anime, as One Piece Episode 930 suffered an indefinite delay due to the Japanese government issuing work-from-home requirements for all studios.

Fans have been impatiently waiting for the next chapter to find out the potential fights and revelations but have nothing but wait ahead of them as Chapter 980 does not release until May 24th.

one piece chapter 979

Lucky for us though, spoilers for Chapter 980 are finally here, which include Queen’s secret plan, the unmasking of X Drake’s true identity, and the next misadventure of Luffy accompanied by Zoro.

Before we get into the spoilers for Chapter 980, let’s recap what happened in Chapter 979 !

One Piece Chapter 979 Recap

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The most recent One Piece chapter to have been released is 979, and it was titled ‘Family Problem’.

It began with Orochi enjoying the banquet and being given information by Kanjuro. He believes that he has taken care of all of his enemies for the time being, and won’t be haunted by the red scabbard ghosts for some time.

However, the alliance already manage to get inside the Onigashima island, unknown to everyone enjoying the party. The eastern forces are led by Kinemon and the southern forces are led by Denjiro. The remaining red scabbards are carried by Law through a submarine.

one piece 979

Meanwhile, Momo is with Kanjuro as a hostage and manages to find a knife on the ground. Orochi’s army still thinks that Kanjuro is an enemy and attack him on sight.

Franky, Sanji, Chopper and Robin prepare for the raid when Kaido arrives close to the Flying Six. It is revealed that the members of Flying Six were summoned by King. King intentionally caused the misconception so that the Flying Six arrive with certainty.

Kaido reveals that the Flying Six are summoned in hopes of having them find his son Yamato, who has been missing for a while. If the Flying Six find him, Kaido reveals he will give them a chance to challenge the All Stars and, upon victory, obtain their ranks.

one piece 979 spoilers

Lastly, Big Mom’s pirate ship arrives and announces the alliance of her pirates and the Beast Pirates. Luffy, on the other hand, has been looking for Captain Kidd and finds the Beast Pirates wasting Oshiruko while feasting and talking about the Okobore town in a demeaning way.

Luffy is enraged and the chapter ends there, teasing a fight.

One Piece 980 Spoilers

one piece 980 spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, it’s time to get into the One Piece Chapter 980 spoilers

According to Redon on APforums, the upcoming chapter reveals that Queen the Plague wants to eliminate a member of the Flying Six (Tobiroppo) and uses Luffy and Zoro as bait. He says whoever catches Luffy and Zoro, will get the empty chair in Tobiroppo as a prize.

While not officially confirmed yet, most readers and hardcore fans believe that Queen the Plague wants to attack X Drake, and this chapter will reveal his true identity as he seems to be hiding things.

The fact he has a large history, one of them even including going undercover, makes him a compelling target for Queen the Plague. However, Oda has subverted expectations in the past, so it should be given benefit of doubt.

one piece chapter 980 spoilers

Zoro tries to calm the infuriated Luffy, who is about to rampage towards the Beast Pirates wasting Oshiruko as he remembers how difficult it is for the people of Okobore to have food. Not only that, but the Beast Pirates even insulted them in their conversations. When Zoro sees this, he too is filled with fury after noticing all the wasted Oshiruko.

Apoo finds Luffy and immediately reports to Queen, and then begins to attack Luffy too. However, Captain Kidd comes in and attacks Apoo instead.

Meanwhile, Momo is also in a situation where she saw the knife while caught in a hostage situation. This chapter will conclude that cliffhanger as well, with her using the knife as an attempt to escape captivity. But whether or not she will be successful, is not yet revealed.

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These spoilers definitely make it even harder to wait for One Piece Chapter 980, because they confirm that it is going to be action-packed and feature important revelations. 


When will One Piece Chapter 979 be released ?

The chapter officially comes out on May 24th, stay tuned for any more updates as they might arrive !

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 980 ?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz and mangaplus website.

Will Kaido’s son be introduced in Chapter 980 ?

After reading the spoilers, we can say that Yamato (Kaido's son) will not appear in this chapter.

EDIT 22/05/2020 :

The chapter is now available ! Here is some cool colored page. 

Luffy and Zoro - One Piece Chapter 980

one piece 980

Luffy and Zoro vs Beasts Pirates and Scratchmen Apoo

read one piece 980

Queen offers the opportunity to become a Toiroppo

read one piece chapter 980

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