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One Piece Chapter 981


After the delay suffered by One Piece Chapter 980 due to Covid-19, Chapter 981 is unfortunately next in line to have an officially delayed-release. The release date was pushed straight to June 7, which has left fans desperate to know what comes next because of where Chapter 980 ended.

One Piece is not the only manga to suffer from delays due to Covid-19, as many studios in Japan have to follow work-from-home practices as advised by the government. Besides manga, anime has also seen delays within episodes due to the pandemic and One Piece is a part of the list too. However, fans can rejoice in the announcement that One Piece Chapter 982 will release just a week after Chapter 981.

With some of the coolest fights and story developments taking place in One Piece Chapter 980, fans are growing increasingly impatient to know what happens next before June 7th.

Luckily, One Piece fans do not have to solely rely on Chapter 981 predictions, because a fresh set of spoilers has been leaked, which gives us a good taste of what’s to come. The spoilers include Apoo and Kidd’s fight, Killer explaining the strength of Apoo’s attacks, Number Hatcha, Who’s Who, Big Mom encountering Kin’emon’s party, and more.

Before we take a look at the spoilers, though, let’s recap the events of Chapter 980 !

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One Piece Chapter 980 Recap

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One Piece Chapter 980 was worth the hype, featuring lots of action and important story moments for the Wano Arc.

Luffy sees the Beast Pirates wasting Oshiruko, and mocking the poor people of Okobore for having difficulties in obtaining food. This infuriates him, and he decides to attack them. However, Zoro tries to calm him down in order to maintain their cover. However, when Zoro also sees the wasted food, he gets angry as well. Both Luffy and Zoro then team up and go on a rampage against the arrogant pirates.

On the other hand, Queen the Plague establishes that one of the Flying Six members is going to be eliminated and offers Apoo the rank of one of the Flying Six if he catches Luffy. Apoo immediately accepts the offer and finds his way to Luffy and Zoro to attack them.

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However, he’s interrupted by Captain Kidd, who jumps into the fight and attacks Apoo. He remembers how he was betrayed by Apoo in the past, and all the things that happened to him in the prison as a result of the betrayal. This fuels him into attacking him with Punk Gibson by surprise, delivering a powerful blow.

One Piece 981 Spoilers

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One Piece Chapter 980 ended at a very interesting point, which leaves a lot to be expected of Chapter 981. Fortunately, YonkouProductions on Reddit has provided confirmed spoilers from One Piece Chapter 981, which are taken straight from raw scans.

Apoo survives the Punk Gibson special attack but still suffers from a great deal of damage. Captain Kidd mocks Apoo for being a minion of Kaido in the present time, and then they continue to fight. Killer comments that the range of Apoo’s attack is as far as you can hear a sound, which makes him a very formidable opponent.

Number Hatcha appears and laughs in his usual manner of ‘Hachacha’. Meanwhile, Who’s Who is finally preparing to leave for the journey to find Yamato, as asked by Kaido previously.

Kin’emon’s party attempts to go through the residence of Black Maria as there are no people around, but Big Mama encounters them. Chopper hides in a tank, but Big Mom makes eye contact with Chopper, discovering him. On the other hand, Marco stops Big Mom’s pirates from climbing up the waterfall. This means that the Whitebeard Pirates and Big Mom Pirates will have to fight soon.

Izo, Marco, and Nekomamushi appear at the end of the chapter, which eventually sets up their appearance for One Piece Chapter 982.

While a lot is revealed from the upcoming Chapter 981, thanks to the raw scans, there are still some things we don’t. The most important thing we don’t know yet is the identity of the Flying Six member that Queen the Plague wishes to get rid of. However, most fans put their money on XDrake being the target.

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All these leaks show that One Piece Chapter 981 is going to keep the consistency of the Wano Arc being exciting and action-packed at every turn, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it when it officially comes out on June 7th. Stay tuned for any more updates as they may arrive !

When will One Piece Chapter 981 be released ?

The chapter officially comes out on June 7th, stay tuned for any more updates as they might arrive !

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 981 ?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz and mangaplus website.

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