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After continuous delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, One Piece fans can rejoice knowing that One Piece Chapter 982 will be officially released per the usual schedule. Not suffering from any more delays, the chapter will be out on June 14th, which is just a week after One Piece Chapter 981.

While it was very difficult to wait for the last few chapters due to the late releases, it’s a great relief to have things back to normal. However, like the last few chapters, One Piece Chapter 981 ended on a high note and that leaves a lot for speculation. Fans have been impatiently wanting to know what comes next in the current set of events, especially with Captain Kidd and Apoo fighting, and Big Mom discovering Kin’emon’s party.

Thankfully, fans don’t have to make predictions about what happens next while they wait for the new chapter anymore. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 982 are finally leaked and reveal quite a lot about things to come. The spoilers include Black Maria’s secret motives, Kanjuro’s fight with Momo, Kyoshiro running into Sasaki, Law in the submarine, Big Mom chasing Chopper and Usopp, and more.

Before we take a look at the spoilers, let’s recap the events of One Piece Chapter 981 !

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One Piece Chapter 981 Recap

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One Piece Chapter 981 was a great continuation of everything the previous chapter leads up to and featured some important story events escalating, as well as lots of action.

The chapter opens with Captain Kidd attacking Apoo with his powerful Punk Gibson attack, which delivers a great deal of damage to Apoo’s body. Kidd is infuriated and embarrassed at the betrayal he faced at the hands of Apoo, which led to his imprisonment and everything he went through in captivity. He insults him by calling him a minion of Kaido as they fight.

Apoo on the other hand is indifferent to everything Captain Kidd says, as he believes he couldn’t have done things any differently, and allying with pirates is not beneficial. Unfortunately, Luffy, Zoro, Killer, and Kidd become overwhelmed by the attackers after Queen the Plague orders the Beast Pirates to kill them, and they try to flee. They’re attacked by Number Haccha, and they realize Apoo’s attack can only reach them as long as they can hear it.

On the other side of things, Kin’emon’s party is trying to stealthily sneak past the seemingly empty residence of Black Maria, but they are unfortunately discovered by Big Mom.

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Meanwhile Marco the Phoenix returns and is joined by Izo and Nekomamushi, who fight off Big Mom’s Pirates and throw them down the waterfall, and the chapter ends there.

One Piece Chapter 982 Spoilers

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One Piece Chapter 981 ended on a high note, and it left fans coming up with predictions and speculating what comes next as they wait for the next chapter. However, YonkouProductions on Reddit has delivered once more with confirmed spoilers from One Piece Chapter 982.

While the other members of the Flying Six set out to find Yamato, Black Maria decides to stay back and keep an eye on Kaido instead.

Kanjuro on the other hand brutally beats Momo and makes his way to drunken Orochi and Kaido. He tells them that they failed to stop the Nine Red Scabbards led by Kin’emon but still seems aware that they have landed on Onigashima. Kaido does not seem to take the situation seriously and continues to drink alongside Black Maria, Orochi, and the rest.

Kyoshiro (Denjiro) finds Sasaki, who still happens to believe they are on the same board, and uses that as an advantage and captures him. Meanwhile, Law inside the submarine manages to contact Nekomamushi.

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Big Mom chases Chopper and Usopp in the tank, and they are running in the opposite direction to where their allies are, leading her away. However, Prometheus discovers Nami and alerts Big Mom about her location.

Ulti and Page One are together, and she asks him to give her a piggyback ride. He refuses her request, and she chokes his back. He rolls, and the chapter ends as Luffy appears in front of Ulti and Page One.

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One Piece Chapter 982 spoilers leave little to the imagination thanks to the fact they are taken from raw scans. However, we still don’t know a few things and it can be safely speculated that the events in this chapter will escalate further in what’s to come. Fans also predict that after Law calls Nekomamushi, he will make his way towards Onigashima, and bring the Whitebeard pirates with him.

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The leaks just make it even harder to wait for the full thing and experience these events for ourselves, and the Wano Arc continues to be an exciting, action-packed ride. One Piece Chapter 982 officially comes out on June 14th, and we can’t wait to read it! Stay tuned for any more updates as they may arrive.

When will One Piece Chapter 982 be released ?

The chapter officially comes out on June 12th, stay tuned for any more updates as they might arrive !

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 982 ?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz and mangaplus website.

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