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One Piece Chapter 983 continued the Wano Arc onwards and marked the appearance of Yamato, who was being teased for a long time in the recent chapters. Yamato’s appearance was unfortunately a cliffhanger, which has left fans eager to know what happens next with the character.

What makes it harder to wait for the next chapter is the fact there’s a long break until its release, and One Piece Chapter 984 will only be officially available on 5th July. With a lack of leaked spoilers so far, fans are left with predictions and theories regarding what comes next in the series. Yamato’s appearance has raised a lot of questions, considering the fact he was able to hold back Ulti, looks like Oden, and waited specifically for Luffy.

Before we take a look into the predictions and potential spoilers, let’s recap the events of One Piece Chapter 983 !

One Piece Chapter 983 Recap

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One Piece Chapter 983 was a great combination of action and story and took the Wano Arc forward with a lot of new developments. It perfectly escalated the story that was already on-going, and still managed to introduce the long-awaited Yamato.

The cover of the chapter showed Chiffon and Lola meeting their dad. The chapter opens with Big Mom pirates being knocked over the waterfall, but Perospero manages to climb back up through the use of the Candy ability.

Big Mom, meanwhile, continues to chase Chopper and Usopp, while Prometheus goes after Zeus. Zeus is trying to evade Prometheus and is scared that he would be killed if Big Mom manages to catch him.

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Momonosuke is put on a cross as punishment and will be executed, on the orders of an angry Orochi. Zoro and Kidd rush into the castle and begin fighting the Gifters, and Ulti and Luffy engage in a fight after he runs into Ulti and Page One coincidentally.

Ulti attacks Luffy with a headbutt and is shown to possess the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan devil fruit and Luffy is knocked down. However, he gets up unharmed and they continue to fight. Suddenly, a mysterious figure interrupts their fight. It is revealed to be Yamato, the son of Kaido and he tells Luffy he has been waiting for him. With Ulti and Page One held off, Yamato grabbed Luffy and jumped off, taking him away from the fight, as the chapter ends.

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One Piece Chapter 984 Predictions & Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 983 continued the tradition of ending on a very compelling cliffhanger, and fans were left impatient as usual. However, what makes it harder to wait this time than before is the fact the previously teased son of Kaido, Yamato finally made an appearance and there’s a long break before the next chapter. On top of that, there also haven’t been any leaks for Chapter 984 so far.

The most common speculation going on between fans right now is that Yamato is either a reincarnation of Lord Kozuki Oden, or a big fan of his history and tries to traditionally act like him. One thing we are certain of here is the fact Yamato is extremely strong since he was able to hold back Ulti and Page One, which is not an ordinary feat. It is predicted that Chapter 984 will have Yamato take his mask off and pledge his allegiance to Luffy.

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Yamato pledging his allegiance to Luffy is most likely to happen considering the fact he specifically says he has been waiting for him and took him away. Not to mention the fact he will be a very useful asset to the team, as he was able to knock out a Flying Six member in one hit. Maybe Yamato will join the Straw Hat Pirates ? Who knows !

Meanwhile, the fact Momonosuke’s execution is being played out so slowly could be predicting the fact it will get interrupted. Whether he gets spared because of the Straw Hat Pirates attacking the area, or Kanjuro interferes and stops it from happening – something unexpected will happen when it comes to his punishment. Another possibility is that Momonosuke might transform into a dragon or another powerful form and wreak havoc, too.

Zoro and Captain Kidd are still going on with their infiltration, but their fate has been less focused on. So, a continuation of their journey might be a part of the next chapter as well.

Last but not least, Big Mom and Prometheus chasing Chopper, Usopp, Zeus, and Nami for quite a while. It can be easily speculated that whether they are caught or engage in a more direct battle, either of the two things will escalate in the next chapter. Sanji is known to be a character who tends to arrive suddenly when his friends are in trouble and help them out, so it’s a possibility that he might fight Big Mom to protect his friends.

With all the predictions and speculations in place, we can certainly tell that at least some of it, if not all, will turn out to be actual spoilers. It is without a doubt that a lot of the moments that have been spread out between recent chapters, as well as Yamato’s inclusion, will have an entertaining pay off in One Piece Chapter 984. We can also safely speculate that chapter 984 will end with a cliffhanger as well.

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When will One Piece Chapter 984 be released ?

The chapter officially comes out on July 5th, stay tuned for any more updates as they might arrive !

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 984 ?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz and mangaplus website.

Will we have more informations about Yamato in the Chapter 984 ?

YES ! We will have more informations about Yamato during the chapter 984 !

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