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One Piece Episode 930


Fans of One Piece have been impatiently looking forward to the 930th episode of One Piece. Unfortunately, the episode has been delayed indefinitely due to the Covid-19 outbreak, much to the dismay of fans worldwide.

There has been no release date given so far but a one-week delay is speculated. Toei Animation, the studio behind the anime adaption of One Piece will be following the necessary precautions of social distancing and that has caused a slowdown in production.

One Piece is not the only anime series to suffer from Covid-19 based restrictions, with other shows such as Pokemon and Food Wars facing delays among others as well. All Japanese anime studios have eventually implemented work-from-home practices, to ensure the safety of every employee and artist.

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New Update on Twitter

However, not all hope is lost as Sanda, one of the key animators of One Piece Episode 937, has shared one of his sketches for the episode on Twitter. This proves that the production of the anime is still on-going.

one piece 930 delayed

One Piece is one of the largest anime and manga franchises to come from Japan, having a diehard fanbase that has been following the series despite its intimidatingly long length. Even though it has been going on for years, One Piece still has one of the highest viewership, ratings, and merchandise sales.

The 930th episode of One Piece is titled “A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges”, and will pick up right after Episode 929.

From the looks of the preview and the development of the previous episode, this will be very action-packed.

One Piece Episode 930 : A Lead Performer ! Queen the Plague Emerges

one piece 930 preview

The current arc has been one of the most exciting storylines of One Piece, and that’s why the fans are becoming restless to see what happens next. Since the One Piece manga is currently on Chapter 979, the fans that read the manga already know what happens in Episode 930 and onward. However, the fans who only watch the anime are left with speculation and an indefinite wait.

Before we get into what we know about the plot of One Piece Episode 930 in detail, let’s recap the most recent episode that was released : Episode 929.

One Piece Episode 929 Recap

one piece episode 929

Titled “The Bond Between Prisoners – Luffy and Old Man Hyo !”, the episode focused on the Ringo region which is at the Northern Cemetery. Kanjuro meets up with Robin, Brook, Nami and Shinobu and they reflect on the situation that they are faced with.

At Ebisu town, Sanji, Usopp, Law and Franky discuss the funeral of Komurasaki and Law realizes Captain Kidd escaped from Udon and eventually got captured in an infiltration attempt. Big Mom and Kaido are revealed to be crewmates in the past and we got to see a flashback of their younger selves.

Meanwhile, Momo practices with his sword and says ‘Sunacchi’ but is interrupted by O-Kiku. He is forbidden from using the chant and is eventually explained the geography of Wano to.

one piece episode 929 recap

Finally, in the Udon prison, Luffy sees an old man weakened and unable to work properly due to the lack of food. But unfortunately, working is what gets him food tickets in the first place. Luffy feels bad for the old man and lets him have his meal tickets to which the old man responds with gratitude.

A guard discovers the meal tickets and realizes what happens and begins to torture him for trying to use someone else’s tickets for food. This enrages Luffy and the episode ends there.

One Piece Episode 930 Plot and Predictions

One Piece Episode 930 Preview

We have an official preview for One Piece Episode 930, which shows us that Luffy has picked a fight against the guards of the Udon prison for their injustices towards the inmates, especially the old man with the food tickets.

Meanwhile, a gigantic person with Queen flags seems to be going to Udon and we do not know their identity yet but it is very likely that the ‘Queen’ part of the episode’s title is dedicated to this character and would challenge Luffy’s friends sooner or later.

There is also speculation that the old man Luffy helped is Boss Hyogoro, as they seem very similar. If that is true, then he will be a much more important character to the episodes ahead of us than originally anticipated. All in all, the episode has fans all over the world excited and the upcoming fight and potential revelations will be game-changing for the Wano Arc.

Where can you watch One Piece Episode 930 ?

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One Piece is aired regularly on Fuji TV, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and Spacetoon. It is also available to stream on Crunchyroll, whereas the English dub is available on the Funimation website.

Furthermore, the first two sagas of One Piece, East Blue and Alabasta, will be available on Netflix from June.

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