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As the One Piece anime has finally been on track after suffering from a few delays due to the unfortunate Covid-19 situation and work-from-home regulations, One Piece Episode 934 is one of the most anticipated episodes in the currently on-going Wano Arc. That is because it continues the fight between Zoro, Gyukimaru and Kamazo that started in the previous episode, and it will also mark the end of an era as the ‘Over The Top’ opening will be used for the last time, spanning a total of 43 episodes !

The 934th episode of One Piece is titled : “A Big Turnover ! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger !”, and will pick up right after Episode 933. From the looks of the preview and where the previous episode ended, this episode will surely be action-packed.

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One Piece is one of the largest on-going anime and manga franchises, having a fanbase that has been following the series despite its intimidatingly long length. Despite being such a long series, it still manages to consistently maintain high viewership, ratings, and merchandise sales.

The Wano Arc has been very exciting with many critics calling it an improvement from the previous arc, and fans can’t have enough of it. Almost every episode has ended on a heart-pounding cliffhange and the continuation of them has more than delivered. While those who read the manga know what happens in a lot of the upcoming One Piece episodes, as the manga is on Chapter 986, the fans who only watch the anime are left with speculation and the feeling of restlessness to see what comes next.

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Before we get into what we know about the plot of One Piece Episode 934 in detail, let’s recap the most recent episode that was released : Episode 933.

One Piece Episode 933 Recap

one piece 933 recap

Chopper, Momonosuke, Otama, and Kiku are headed towards the capital with Big Mom, who currently has lost her memories. Chopper is afraid of Big Mom regaining her memories, as it may lead her to go as far as to kill him.

The Sumo Inferno tournament continues and since Luffy has defeated the Pleasures, Queen The Plague sends in the Gifters after him, escalating the long battle further. Luffy beats both of them without breaking a sweat, and Queen acknowledges his power. Throughout all the fighting, Luffy is trying to figure out the right way to use Haki, which was taught to him by Rayleigh a while ago.

Meanwhile, at the Oihagi Bridge, Zoro is clashing with Gyukimaru in an attempt to get Shusui back. Their fight is interrupted, however, as a woman arrives with Toko asking for Zoro’s help. She reveals that she is being chased by an assassin known as Kamazo (who we know more commonly as the Killer), and he intends to slay her.

Zoro decides to protect the woman and gets ready to fight Kamazo, and he follows after her soon enough. Once he arrives, Zoro and Kamazo share dialogue, with Kamazo saying that he is allowed to kill as many people as he has to in his way to the assassination he has been hired for, and so he decides to kill Zoro before he finally kills the woman he was chasing.

Zoro gets ready to fight, and the two begin clashing, as a fight to the death begins between the two skilled swordsmen, and they both acknowledge that the other person is strong quickly enough.

After clashing numerous times, they pause for a few moments before continuing the fight, and the episode ends here.

One Piece 934 Spoilers

We have an official preview for One Piece Episode 934, which shows us that the episode will feature a massive fight in which Zoro and Kamazo continue to clash, hoping to slay the other before they are slain themselves. However, things are not so simple as Gyukimaru joins the fight and Zoro has to not only fight the assassin but also the gigantic Gyukimaru at the same time, using both of his swords individually for each of the two fighters. Zoro is truly pushed to his limits as both the opponents he is facing are fierce, and drive him into a corner.

Meanwhile, Luffy is still stuck in the situation that he has been in for the past few episodes, having to face more and more enemies that are being thrown at him, first by the prison’s management and now by Queen the Plague. He’s fired up in battle and hopes to make his Haki stronger while being very cocky and openly challenging Queen to send more people for him to fight, as Luffy managed to beat up everyone that has been sent to his way so far.

The two pirates, Luffy and Zoro, will eventually have to face a challenge that could make or break their journey !

Where can you watch One Piece Episode 934 ?

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One Piece is aired regularly on Fuji TV, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and Spacetoon. It is also available to stream on Crunchyroll, whereas the English dub is available on the Funimation website.

One Piece Episode 934 will be available on July 26th.

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