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One Piece Episode 935


Toei Animation delivered one of the most exciting episodes in the history of the anime series with One Piece Episode 934. Featuring beautiful visuals and an intense sword fight, the episode became viral on social media as not only the fans of One Piece but fans of anime in general appreciated the animation, action, and hard work put into it. It also marked the last time the ‘Over The Top’ opening will be used for One Piece episodes, marking a total of 43 episodes that it appeared in.

The 935th episode of One Piece is titled :

“ Zoro, Stunned - The Shocking Identity of the Mysterious Woman !”

And picks up right after the previous episode, with Zoro rescuing the woman from the assassin and Luffy still fighting in the Sumo Inferno tournament.

Despite being such a long-running series, One Piece continues to be consistently beloved by the anime community and gains more fans every day, maintaining a high viewership, ratings, and merchandise sale. And the fact it manages to keep itself exciting and fresh even after having so many episodes and arcs is no easy feat!

While the Wano Arc has been escalating itself one good episode after another, Episode 934 was undoubtedly one of the best One Piece episodes of the Wano arc. Naturally, that has reignited the hype for what else the series has to offer in the episodes to come, and fans are waiting impatiently for One Piece Episode 935.

Not only that, but fans are curious to see the new opening ‘DREAMIN’ ON’ by the group ‘Da-iCE’ in action for the first time as well, as the upcoming episode will include it.

Before we get into what we know about the plot of One Piece Episode 935 in detail, let’s recap the most recent episode that was released during the Episode 934.

One Piece Episode 934 Recap

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The high-stakes fight left on a cliffhanger by One Piece Episode 933 finally continues and Zoro is about to fight Gyukumaru and Kamazo. Rejecting Kamazo’s offer to step aside, Zoro chooses to fight and Gyukumaru watches from the side waiting to join in.

Zoro and Kamazo charge at each other and both show good skills in battle, but it looks like Zoro is missing something.

Meanwhile, Luffy thinks he hasn’t had good practice in the tournament because his opponents are not strong enough and he wants to face a big challenge. He yells at Queen The Plague, asking for a stronger battle and Queen is busy enjoying some soup. Eventually, Luffy gets challenged by a seemingly strong opponent called Bear. He unleashes his power and attacks Luffy and he finally manages to channel his Haki to a stronger level, using it to defeat the Bear with almost no effort.

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In the village of Kuri, Kinemon is glad to meet Dogstorm after a long time, and they talk about the enemies finding flyers. Carrot fears they’ve walked into a big mess and talks about the fact their friends are being taken by Kaido and Orochi’s henchmen. In the capital, Orochi is crying because he thinks that Komurasaki is dead, not knowing she managed to escape and plans for her funeral are in place.

Luffy on the other hand continues to beat more and more enemies, and Law is shown wanting to save his friends. Then we get back to the Zoro and Kamazo fight, and Gyukumaru finally joins the two swordsmen. Zoro is stabbed by Kamazo, but he smiles and removes the Scythe, taking it for himself. He unleashes his ‘Three Sword Style Purgatory’ and manages to cut Kamazo instantly. Gyukumaru is scared of how powerful Zoro is, and leaves without fighting him further. Zoro collapses due to hunger, with the girl he saved by his side.

One Piece 935 Spoilers

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We have an official preview for One Piece Episode 935, which shows us that the next episode deals with Luffy fighting even stronger opponents that are thrown at him, pushing himself further and further in deadly battles to improve his Haki and finally become strong enough to face Kaido when it’s time.

On the other hand, an injured Zoro will be taken care of by the woman he saved, and in turn, he will finally learn of her true identity – she is none other than Kozuki Hiyori, the daughter of Oden himself. Komurasaki is an identity she used to hide her real self so that she could work closely with her enemies. He will also learn a revelation about an important incident that took place 20 years ago.

How Zoro reacts upon learning the truth and Komurasaki’s identity, and whether Luffy can back his cockiness with power or meet his match in the Sumo Inferno Tournament – will be a sight to behold !Where can you watch One Piece Episode 935 ?

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Where can you watch One Piece Episode 935 ?

watch one piece online

One Piece is aired regularly on Fuji TV, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), and Spacetoon. It is also available to stream on Crunchyroll, whereas the English dub is available on the Funimation website.

When will One Piece Episode 935 be released ?

One Piece Episode 935 will be available on August 1st.

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