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Charlotte Katakuri is the 3rd child of Big Mom's family and also the Strongest Sweet Commander. With a bounty over a billion, he is known as the man who has never fallen in he's back.

Katakuri is theĀ first character who was able to see in the future due to his very strong Kenbunshoku Hakitakuri is also a honorable man who dislikes other people interfering with his fights making him one of most appreciated character in the Serie.

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Support the strongest Sweet Commander with ourĀ splendidĀ Katakuri T ShirtĀ specially designed by Luffy-Shop! ā˜ ļø

  • ElegantĀ and Stylish:Ā Enjoy something special and make your friends jalous with thisĀ Japanese StyleĀ Hoodie
  • Very Confortable:Ā Made withĀ organic cottonĀ andĀ Polyester, this hoodie is made to last and does not irritate the skin
  • Easy to wear:Ā Breathable cottonĀ featured in this product allows you to wear this hoodie during all seasons of the year andĀ prevents any sweat issue
  • High-Precision 3D PrintingĀ on the front and on the back
  • Machine washableĀ at 30Ā°C (86Ā°F)

To choose a size, please refer to the size chart below. We advise you to take a sizeĀ 1Ā times largerĀ than usual on this product.

    Refer to the size guide below. 1 size above is a guarantee of security.

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