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Earn money with...One Piece ?!

You dream to merge PASSION and MONEY ? The One Piece universe rocked your childhood, or are you just looking for a supplement of income ?

Nami is delighted to offer you a great partnership with Luffy Shop®!

The principle is simple :

  • Step #1 - Enter your email below and create an account
  • Step #2 - Get your affiliate links on your Dashboard
  • Step #3 - Start promoting our site and accumulate your Commissions


What you will get :

  • 1) Simple and generous Affiliate Program (10 to 15% per sell)
  • 2) Custom discount code
  • 3) Complete One Piece Products Catalog, recognized website
  • 4) Secure and automated payments (Payment with PayPal)
  • 5) Effective tracking system  


Am I eligible ?

Yes ! We accept website owners, bloggers, influencers, customers, ... all the real One Piece fans who want to make the most of their passion for the Pirate Universe. We have tools to meet your needs and help you perform

Once you join our ranks, you can use your affiliate links immediately to promote our products via :

  • Blog Articles
  • Advertising Banners
  • Email
  • Social Networks
  • YouTube Videos if you're a YouTuber
  • Etc...

At Luffy Shop®, we want to give our partners total freedom. We provide you everything you need to recommend to your friends / subscribers / visitors. Then, free to you to promote our products as you wish. Whatever your experience, you can start making money today !

« If you want a free pdf explaining you the best tips to increase your sales (Instagram, YouTubers, Blog Articles ...), feel free to send us a message at »


How does it work ?

Concretely, you promote our site, a person buys an article, you get a commission on the sale made. The higher your sales volume, the higher your commissions are :

  • Indeed we propose an affiliation scale: 

    1.  Stage 1 : For each sale you will receive 10% of the total price if the buyer use your discount code.


    1.  Stage 2 : If you achieve 20 sales you go to the next level and will now receive  12% of the total price !


    1.  Stage 3 : If you achieve 100 sales you go to the next level and will now receive  15% of the total price !


Whenever someone uses your Custom Discount Code, your commission automatically accumulates in your Dashboard.

Note : to get your personalized discount code (example: LUFFY10) just contact us at




I'm not interested in money...

If you are not interested in commissions and simply prefer to buy one of our products, it is quite possible to exchange the accumulated money for items from our Online Shop ... at very advantageous price!

  • For example : you have accumulated 30 $ commission, we offer you the T-Shirt of your choice. The list of prices will be communicated on request to partners who have already made a number of sales.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message to


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