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Luffy Wig Hair

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By the time Luffy and his crew left East Blue for Grand Line, they had defeated all the strongest pirate crews of the eastern seas, with Luffy himself defeating all their captains. This earned him the highest bounty of East Blue at 30 million berries. He has since gained a reputation for causing trouble challenging the Shichibukai, the Marines, and the Yonko with his bounty increasing to over 1 billion Berries.

Dive into the One Piece universe and live as Straw Hat Luffy with this fantastic wig. The uniqueness of the wig along with its incredibly accurate attention to detail will make you the constant centre of attention everywhere you go !

  • Material: The wig was created with a high grade of 100% synthetic fiber material. It looks completely natural while maintaining a silky smooth feel that’s soft to the touch like real human hair.
  • Base Material: The wig cap is made with the use of an invisible mesh net to create an ultra natural look.

  • Fixed elastic holding well to the head

  • Lightweight: Sleek and lightweight, this cosplay item is the perfect way to share your style with the world.

  • Image depicts Straw Hat Luffy’s Hair as a wig.

  • The cosplay item is of an extremely high quality with a very reasonable price.



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