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Trafalgar Law was born in North Blue. When he was still a child, his city was contaminated by an incurable infection that reduced life expectancy. Law managed to flee from his city after the King of the land ordered to genocide all the inhabitants present. Later he met his benefactor: Corazon who sacrificed his life to offer him the Ope Op No Mi which allowed him to heal from his disease.

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You can show your respect to Corazon sacrifice with our great One Piece Trafalgar Law T Shirt from Luffy Shop ! ☠️

  • Cotton : the most comfortable material
  • Durable : top quality shirt, durable
  • Slim Fit : fits your body andis very flexible
  • Comfortable & smooth (no friction)
  • Original Design
  • Modal, polyester
  • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

Refer to the size guide below. 1 size above is a guarantee of security.

NB : these are the measurements of the product, not your measurements !

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