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Trafalgar Law

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Trafalgar D. Water Law, more commonly known as just Trafalgar Law is the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates and He's known as the "Surgeon of Death". Law is an infamous pirate rookie and a member of the Worst Generation, he is also a former Shichibukai. He was infected by the Amber lead (an ore contains disease) and was the last survivor of Flevance but Corazon saved his life and cured him by making him eat the Ope Ope No Mi Devil Fruit.

Represent your alliance of pirates from the One Piece universe with this fantastic Trafalgar Law AirPod case. The uniqueness of this protective AirPod case along with its stylish design and incredibly accurate attention to detail will make you the constant centre of attention everywhere you go !

  • Material: The airpod case was designed and engineered from ultra premium silicon elastomers for a smooth to touch and dust resistant finish.

  • Hassle free installation: Simply slip your airpods charging case into the One Piece airpods case for a secure installation in less than 5 seconds.

  • Lightweight: Slim, sleek, lightweight, and pocket friendly. The airpods case is designed to provide remarkable protection against bumps and scratches without adding unnecessary bulk at just half an ounce.

  • Image depicts Trafalgar Law.

  • This AirPod case is of an extremely high quality with a very reasonable price. It is the perfect way to share your style with the world.



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