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Zoro Wano Kuni

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With a bounty of 330,000,000 berrys, the Pirate Hunter is indeed one of the most important crew member. Zoro has a unique fighting style where he uses 3 swords : the SANTORYU style ! Master this style with our fantastic Zoro Wano Kuni Cosplay !

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Immerse yourself into the One Piece universe with Roronoa Zoro and start your journey to become the strongest swordsman, wear our Roronoa Zoro Wano Cosplay and slice your way through the New World. The uniqueness of these cosplay items along with their incredibly accurate attention to detail will make you the constant centre of attention everywhere you go !

  • Material: The costume was created with the highest grade and quality of Polyester, a durable and resistant form of plastic resistant to shrinking, stretching, wrinkling, and abrasions. It is also quick to dry and stain resistant.

  • Lightweight: Sleek and lightweight, this cosplay item is the perfect way to share your style with the world.

  • Item Type: Set (Coat + Pants + Belt + Scarf)

  • Image depicts Roronoa Zoro's outfit.

  • The cosplay item is of an extremely high quality with a very reasonable price.


Attention: Wig & katanas not provided but available on our site.

Refer to the size guide below. 1 size above is a guarantee of security.

N.B : these are the measurements of the products not yours !

zoro wano cosplay

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